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I’ve been kicking around starting a blog for awhile now.  I guess now is as good as any!  I’m making some changes in my life.  The biggest one is losing weight.  So much is tied to this.  It seems that things that impact my weight  impacts my career, family life, and relationships, as well.  This blog will cover that to serve as a way to document my journey in a way that feels more structured than what I do in a journal.   I’m not constricting myself to a single topic.  How about whatever floats my boat?  Food, shopping, work, family, you name it!

This picture from a dreary day at a local park covers it…

Wherever the wind blows me…



I'm a 32 year old single mom with a great job working towards a healthier lifestyle. These are the baby steps & random musings of that journey.

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