Forgive the cell phone shot, but I am kinda fond of this button.  It actually was a freebie on our benefits day at work from the Cigna representatives.  I got the last one, and I felt pretty lucky.  Who wouldn’t want this button?  Apparently quite a few because I was getting the ‘you’re a dork’ look from coworkers.  I’m cool with that.

Beyond it’s first day on my shirt it found a home on my cubicle wall.  When I exit my cube it’s a reminder.  When I look up from my computer screen, it’s a reminder.  It’s hanging next to some charts (I can’t show to keep from making my employer angry), but everytime I need to investigate a path to get at data, the button is right there.

Do you have a saying or quote that keeps you motivated?  Do you use visual reminders to keep your momentum?