It’s gorgeous out.  I have no kiddo.  How about a bike ride?   This is only #3 ride since I got this bike.  If I keep up with it I will buy a nifty, nice mountain bike, but I’m sorry.  This bike looks adorable (ignore the garage).

When I moved to this area (West side of Houston) I knew there were bike trails around, so that’s when I bought the bike.  I wasn’t thrilled about the first ride that involved trying to out pedal a dog, so trails are a beautiful thing!  I see they are well used from the traffic I see on them that crosses a main road I travel on, so they seem safe, too.  After a little research it turns out there are 37 connected miles of trail (~25 paved, ~12 unpaved) to play on.  I’ve only done 3 (3 out & back for a 6 mile ride).  Not bad for a first ride. 

For today’s ride I headed up north to Splendora to ride with Rich.  We knocked out 6 miles.  He has some hills up there (my legs noticed).  My bike is making a weird noise, though.  Rich looked at it briefly & it looks like a clip is missing.  I’ll have to do some research, but he was really worried with me riding it Saturday.  It looks like the crank is just going to fall apart or something.  It (and I) did survive the trip.  Sadly I didn’t get to ride any the rest of the weekend with the never ending rain on Sunday.  😦  I was even off Monday with the kiddo, but he really didn’t want to go for a ride.   Just as well since it needs a little TLC.