I lost my motivation.  I’m still doing my almost daily lunch time walks, but I’ve lost the gusto for food prep.  I’ve been tired of prepping, cooking, and all that cleaning, so I’ve spent the last week thinking of things I can do to make my workweek simpler while not depending on processed foods.  I was trying to think of fairly healthy meals that can be prepped in advance or require very little work and therefore a minimally dirty kitchen.  Here’s the list of what I’m working with to keep my kitchen time to a minimum (when I’m not baking):

  • Keep a bag of broccoli slaw in the work refrigerator with dressing (right now is Litehouse Sesame Ginger)
  • Set a nightly weekday alarm on my phone to remind me to make the overnight oats for the morning
  • Weekly salad prep on Sundays – cut up what I need, put it all in individual containers & throw a salad together in minutes
  • Freezer food!  Cook a big batch of soup, and freeze the leftovers for grab & go lunches or dinners
  • Get that slow cooker out!  I tend to avoid the slow cooker since it makes a dinner for family, but why am I not all over this?  Duh!  Freeze the leftovers.

Here’s my meal plan for the next couple of weeks.  Click on it to read the details.


The blue areas are times when the kiddo is not with me.  The darker blue green are road trip meals.  The gray is just too far out to figure out what we’ll be eating. 

This helps me get what I need ready before the week begins, and it keeps me from having to think about what to prep while minimizing waste.  Of course if we make some healthy muffins like I intend to at some point there may be a breakfast changed out, but having a guide helps.

Feel free to share your ideas to keep your kitchen concoctions healthy & easy.