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My son came home from school with a ‘bad’ color last week.  One of the punishments for this is no tv control.  We generally watch Netflix, so I decided I was finally going to watch Forks Over Knives.  It has been waiting in my queue for quite some time, and it’s a safe for young kiddos.  However, I knew it would help with the punishment by being boring.  Or so I thought!

Back fired!  He sat right next to me from beginning to end & asked me to pause it when he needed to leave the room.  Seriously.  A 5 year old was interested in a documentary.  He was asking tons of questions throughout.  What is casein?  What is breast cancer?  On & on.  This all led to the conversation of how sometimes it is hard for me to cook healthy for him when he won’t try new things.  He made a commitment of trying at least one bite (but how do you teach him to be open minded?).  He then started talking about the foods he eats at his dads (we’re a divorced family).  I don’t want him to give his dad too much grief, so this led to how he eats differently at school & his dads.  He practically begged me to make his lunches for school.  Sheesh!  What can of worms did I open???  Last year I had to make his lunch for the private school he attended, but I was hoping to avoid that this year.  He has wanted me to since the school year started, but I figured he would warm up to the lunches at school (generally healthy options).  Nope. 

So we have started a clean eating week.  I am intimidated by saying I’m vegan, so we’re shooting for just a week.  I don’t eat much meat anyhow, but the cheese & sour cream will be hard to live without.  I know there are soy alternatives, but it seems back ass-wards (pardon my french) to replace it with a processed alternative.  Plus the few options available where I grocery shop are expensive. 

For this week Colton is not eating meat and reducing his processed foods.  I am going vegan with no refined sugars.  We are starting on what seems like a random Tuesday since I’m not prepared for dealing with holidays with these restrictions just yet.  With all of this, I’m starting a new page for a Food Log.  I’ve been needing to get on the logging bandwagon.  Let’s see if this helps hold me accountable to doing it!



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