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Just a quick note to wish you a very merry Christmas!  I sincerely hope you’re enjoying quality time celebrating with your loved ones or that you’ll be getting up soon to do so.

Bear is about to be woken up if he doesn’t get his little booty up soon.  Santa has come to visit our home, and I’m anxious to experience his excitement.  5 year olds are awesome. 



I know Christmas is on a lot of people’s minds, but I have that and more on mine.  I started a fall garden really late, and now I have some plants really taking off.  I’m grateful for a very mild winter so far.  I have some cloth to cover, so I’m going to plant some more micro greens this weekend.  They grow fast, and I didn’t plant nearly enough initially.  I’ll have to take some pictures, but I have onions, garlic, beets, snow peas & peas and fennel coming along at the moment.  I don’t know if they will survive, but I had the seeds so why not?

I’m also going to purchase some seeds to start prepping for spring plantings.  The average last frost date for my area is March 15, and there are some cooler weather things that need to be started in Dec/Jan.  I’ve never started seeds indoors beyond some tomatoes, so I’m anxious to see what I can produce this year. 

I’m interested in recommendations for online seed folks, so definitely chime in here if you have a favorite.  In the past I have stuck with Park Seeds, but they never seem to grow like the Ferry Morris I buy from Lowe’s.  I’m fine with that brand really, but they don’t sell a big variety or vegetables or types.

I have been experimenting with other blog platforms, but this one is my favorite.  I am ready to move past that, and once I can get my tumbler one to be more cooperative my intention was to paste those over.  Such is life as it relates to technology. 

I have everything set up to make posts via my Blackberry as my intention is to post much more frequently.  Like daily even.  I want to track what I’m doing more closely, how I feel, and things along that line to look back on.  I want to see what works, what doesn’t, and find some motivation when I just plain don’t feel like doing the right thing as it pertains to that healthy lifestyle I’m working towards.  With that in mind…

I started the C25K training program this week.  I absolutely love jogging.  As my prior attempts have ended in injury you’d think I would give up the idea of going at it again.  Nope.  I know what caused the injuries, and I know how to prevent them.  I hear running is really bad for an overweight person’s knees, but I’m not sure that just ‘being’ overweight is good for knees.  I’m taking the risk.

I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge through, and let me tell you these ladies are motivating!  I really started working out & pushing myself, and I gained 1 pound for my week 1 weigh in.  My eating is better than the week before, so I’m going to say it is the working out.  I even felt bloated yesterday, but today I’m at least back to my original weigh in weight.  Doh!  I’m going to keep it going… I know it works, and I know I feel fabulous now that I’ve added the turtle paced jogging. 

Since the last posting & things going on –

  • Bear has been with his dad & will be back late Christmas Eve
  • I started school again.  PE started this week, and that Speech starts in January.  I’ll have that associates in May finally (with 120 something credit hours lol).
  • Financial situation settled
  • Vacation starts today at 4!

Woohoo!  Now for a cell shot of a yummy strawberry-banana-cucumber-celery smoothie…


I'm a 32 year old single mom with a great job working towards a healthier lifestyle. These are the baby steps & random musings of that journey.

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