I have been experimenting with other blog platforms, but this one is my favorite.  I am ready to move past that, and once I can get my tumbler one to be more cooperative my intention was to paste those over.  Such is life as it relates to technology. 

I have everything set up to make posts via my Blackberry as my intention is to post much more frequently.  Like daily even.  I want to track what I’m doing more closely, how I feel, and things along that line to look back on.  I want to see what works, what doesn’t, and find some motivation when I just plain don’t feel like doing the right thing as it pertains to that healthy lifestyle I’m working towards.  With that in mind…

I started the C25K training program this week.  I absolutely love jogging.  As my prior attempts have ended in injury you’d think I would give up the idea of going at it again.  Nope.  I know what caused the injuries, and I know how to prevent them.  I hear running is really bad for an overweight person’s knees, but I’m not sure that just ‘being’ overweight is good for knees.  I’m taking the risk.

I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge through www.SparkPeople.com, and let me tell you these ladies are motivating!  I really started working out & pushing myself, and I gained 1 pound for my week 1 weigh in.  My eating is better than the week before, so I’m going to say it is the working out.  I even felt bloated yesterday, but today I’m at least back to my original weigh in weight.  Doh!  I’m going to keep it going… I know it works, and I know I feel fabulous now that I’ve added the turtle paced jogging. 

Since the last posting & things going on –

  • Bear has been with his dad & will be back late Christmas Eve
  • I started school again.  PE started this week, and that Speech starts in January.  I’ll have that associates in May finally (with 120 something credit hours lol).
  • Financial situation settled
  • Vacation starts today at 4!

Woohoo!  Now for a cell shot of a yummy strawberry-banana-cucumber-celery smoothie…