My name is Renee.  I’m a bit all over the place which is why this blog is named wherever the wind blows me.  That’s what this will be.  A smash up of whatever has my attention for the moment mostly through my journey to lose weight & positively change my world.  Everything is interconnected, so I can’t see keeping to a single theme or thought process… I’ll go wherever the wind blows me.  

I’m a mom.  Divorcee.  Daughter.  Sister.  Professional student.  Business/Reporting/Data Analyst for an awesome company.  Friend. 

I enjoy the outdoors.  Camping.  Hiking.   Swimming.  Biking.  Gardening (veggie, herbs).  I also enjoy reading and yoga.  And writing.  🙂

I also feel like I need to add in pieces of the characters in my world as I approach them in my posts.  It should grow with time.  Here goes!

Kiddo (aka Bear) – 5 1/2. kindergartener.  great kid. 

  • However, as he relates to this post, he doesn’t eat.  Well, he eats like a bird.  He’s healthy, so no concerns on that front.  I just struggle to get him to eat a variety of foods.  He loves plain baked sweet potatoes, broccoli par boiled in broth, fish, beans, nuts, and a host of other healthy foods, but he will not eat broccoli any other way (raw or fully cooked).  He will not eat roasted sweet potatoes to save his life, and yes he will choose not to eat that night rather than eat it.  He will go to bed hungry, so he does.  Of course I don’t want him to go to bed hungry, so this journey for me is also a journey to find things he will eat. 

All Star Mom – coworker friend. fellow single mom.  

  • I bounce ideas off of her related to this blog & life.  Her teenage daughter is active in sports, and all star mom follows the teams around religiously.