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Forgive the cell phone shot, but I am kinda fond of this button.  It actually was a freebie on our benefits day at work from the Cigna representatives.  I got the last one, and I felt pretty lucky.  Who wouldn’t want this button?  Apparently quite a few because I was getting the ‘you’re a dork’ look from coworkers.  I’m cool with that.

Beyond it’s first day on my shirt it found a home on my cubicle wall.  When I exit my cube it’s a reminder.  When I look up from my computer screen, it’s a reminder.  It’s hanging next to some charts (I can’t show to keep from making my employer angry), but everytime I need to investigate a path to get at data, the button is right there.

Do you have a saying or quote that keeps you motivated?  Do you use visual reminders to keep your momentum?


I shared my baby blog with a friend!  I’m a little shy about sharing my life with people that know me since I may go a little deep here, but I was relieved that she gave me some positive feedback.  We’re going to call her All Star Mom (coworker friend that is an active parent for sure).  All Star Mom liked the picture of my son flying the kite, and I really wished I had a sunny picture along the same lines.  She actually found it inpsirational as it is.

“Even on the cloudy days we can still fly our kites and smile.”

Nice.  I didn’t see it that way initially, but she’s right.


I'm a 32 year old single mom with a great job working towards a healthier lifestyle. These are the baby steps & random musings of that journey.

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